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The 2nd Annual Forum and the 13th BDF Summit in Gdansk on 24-26 October










This November marks the 2nd anniversary of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region. To ensure that the Strategy succeeds in taking cooperation in the Region to higher levels, new ambitions and targets now need to be discussed. The place and time for this deliberation is Gdansk, the 24-26 October 2011, during the 13th Baltic Development Forum Summit and the European Commission’s 2nd Annual Forum on the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region. Commissioner Johannes Hahn will open the event together with Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk, Chairman of the Baltic Development Forum Uffe Ellemann-Jensen, Marshal of Pomorskie Region Mieczysław Struk and Mayor of Gdansk Paweł Adamowicz. The event will welcome 700 stakeholders across the entire Region, including top business representatives. A simultaneous Project & Networking Village will host exhibitions of some 40 key regional projects and organisations. You are warmly invited to take an active part in the discussions that will provide input to the Polish EU-Presidency. For registration and more information, please visit our event website: www.bsr2011.eu.  

Commissioner Hahn meets EUSBSR National Contact Points, Priority Area Coordinators and Horizontal Action Leaders

On 24.10.2011, just before the 2nd Annual Forum of EUSBSR starts, Commissioner Hahn will discuss with NCPs, PACs and HALs all the main political issues related to the Strategy. This meeting will be precedeed by a short working session with the Baltic Team of DG Regional Policy to discuss technical issues such as Strategy indicators and targets, roles and responsabilities of the implementers, technical assistance grants for PACs, etc.

Friends of Presidency group for the EUSBSR

Under their presidency, Poland is currently chairing a Friends of Presidency group composed of the 27 Member-States, which is working on the next Council Conclusions, mainly based on the recommendations presented by the Commission in the report adopted on 22 June 2011. The Council will invite the Commission to review of the Baltic Sea Strategy and the Action Plan. This is likely to be done through a new Communication to be adopted in the first half of 2012.

Taskforce on roles and responsibilities of key Strategy stakeholders

One of the key recommendations in the Report of 22 June was to ensure the long term stability of the delivery system, making it less vulnerable to organisational and political changes. One step to achieving this is to clarify the expectations on the key stakeholders, National Contact Points, Priority Area Coordinators and Flagship Project Leaders etc. A dedicated task-force led by Interact has therefore worked to produce a number of guidance documents, one for each group of key stakeholders, where the roles and responsibilities are outlined. The taskforce will also develop a handbook with more extensive information including good examples. The first results will be presented during the Annual Forum and the aim is to finalise the work before the end of the year.

Taskforce on indicators and targets

As announced in June Newsletter, the taskforce has met several times and will be able to propose a set of indicators and targets translating the main objectives of each pillar of the Stategy, that will be presented and commented on in the annual forum in Gdansk on 26 October. This work will be completed with indicators at priority level that will have to be identified and discussed in close cooperation with Priority Area Coordinators. A first meeting with them is planned in early November.

Baltic Sea Region Programme

The Monitoring Committee of the Baltic Sea Region Programme decided to grant support to six new cooperation projects, of which five are closely linked to the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region, at its meeting in Berlin on 27-28 September. Projects: QUICK-IGA (PA12) , Technet_nano, SCIENCE LINK (PA7), Baltic GPP (PA8), PrimCare IT (PA12) and Baltic Landscape (PA9) will start this autumn. The ongoing project Bioenergy Promotion was granted an additional 1.1 million EUR to implement further activities in the framework of the “extension stage” instrument. Out of the six selected projects, Baltic GPP has been awarded the status of a “Strategic Project of the Baltic Sea Region Programme”. Several projects applied also for funds from the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument (ENPI): QUICK-IGA, PrimCare IT and Baltic Landscape will be supported with ENPI funds for their Belarusian partners. After this decision round there are limited funds (circa 4.4 million EUR) left only in priority 4 (attractive and competitive cities and regions). The Monitoring Committee will decide how to spend remaining funds by the end of the year.

This agenda is for the convenience of readers. Events listed here are not necessarily endorsed by the European Commission and are the responsibility of the respective organisers.
10-13 October 2011Open Days (programme includes the workshops on the EUSBSR and other macro-regional strategies) (Brussels, Belgium) 
24-26 October 20112nd Annual Forum of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region/13th Baltic Development Forum Summit (Gdansk, Poland)